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About the Perkins Brand

Perkins, for over 80 years, has worked with generator set manufacturers to bring light, warmth, protection and of course peace of mind to thousands of people. Perkins Ethiopia now supplies the best of these world-class tools. running every day or once a year, you can count on our people to create innovative, efficient and reliable solutions whatever your application.

PERKINS INDUSTRIAL is the EXCLUSIVE DEALER for Perkins Generator set, UK. Perkins Industrial in the territory of Ethiopia. We in the process of establishing a Generator Manufacturing Plant right here in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa under Perkins Generator UK.

Perkins brand and what you can expect

Our Vision

To meet the diverse and the rapidly changing power needs of the country.

Our Mission

To be a trusted and valued energy partner, providing quality and competitive Perkins Generator sets, parts, their services, to companies in Ethiopia and East Africa.

Our Clients