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Regular servicing is the best way of ensuring your engine lasts as long as possible.

Missing service intervals can lead to reduction in performance, often a drop of 20 percent in performance can happen before the operator notices. It can even lead to a vital part failing, which is costly to repair and results in expensive downtime.

Each engine we supply comes with a detailed list of checks for you to carry out at set intervals. The performance checks required will vary by engine type and operating conditions, so it is wise to ensure the checks and frequency are right for your engine.



Perkins engines has up to 24 months or 3,000 hour warranty – and even longer in countries with stricter emissions standards. The warranties are fully comprehensive and cover parts, labour and other related items.

The warranty is comprehensive and covers all parts and labour plus miscellaneous items such as the travel costs of engineers to repair the engine. The standard Warranty period for rotating electrical components across all engine ranges shall be for a period of 12 months from date of delivery of the engine to the first user. The benefit is that even if your machine is down, you will not be out of pocket.

Peace of mind with Perkins® Platinum Protection

We’re proud of the engines we build – so we want to keep them running at peak performance throughout their lives. That’s why we’ve launched Perkins® Platinum Protection, to give you the best possible cover in the years after your standard factory warranty expires, at the best possible price.

Every Perkins engine is built to last and every engine that leaves our factories is covered by a standard warranty, however you may want to extend the warranty period for your own peace of mind. Perkins Platinum Protection gives you the opportunity to do just that and extend the standard cover beyond the warranty period to as much as 10 years and 15,000 hours.